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Ask about our New Specials on getting your eye lashes and eye lids cleaned!

Welcome to Space Center Eye Associates:
Your Houston Optometrists in Clear Lake

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At Space Center Eye Associates, we offer vision and eye health services for individuals of all ages. Our two Houston optometrists are passionate about staying up to date with new eye care developments, providing a wide rage of choice in our treatment options, and helping you preserve your vision and get the most out of your life. 

Meet Our Houston Optometrists 

We are so fortunate to have not one but two great optometrists on staff, both certified as Therapeutic Optometrists and Optometric Glaucoma Specialists. Dr. Keith Manuel is the founder of Space Center Eye Associates, and Dr. Beth Robinson joined us immediately following her internship with our office.  Both doctors focus on ocular disease treatment and hard to fit contact lens services. No matter what you need, our optometrists are waiting to take the very best care of your eyes. 

Our Eye Care Services

Our special focus is on the diagnosis and medical treatment of eye conditions, including glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, and cataracts. We strive to provide all the eye care services you and your family need, so you can come to us for: 

  • Eye exams - Annual eye exams are the foundation of good eye health. These exams keep your eyes healthy, your vision clear, and allow us to diagnose eye diseases early on. We also perform vision testing in our Clear Lake eye exams, using both a phoropter and eye charts. It's our job to make sure you can see clearly. 

  • Contact lens fittings - If you want to try contacts, you need to be fitted for the perfect pair. Let our optometrist measure your eyes, guide you toward a contact that will be comfortable for you, and explain exactly how to care for your contacts. If you have been diagnosed as hard to fit for contacts, we can help you try contacts. 

  • Eye disease diagnosis and treatment - We can test for eye diseases and provide treatment using eyedrops, oral medication, and other techniques. Many eye diseases are treatable if they're caught early. 

  • LASIK care - We provide pre-operative and post-operative LASIK care, and can perform a LASIK evaluation and consultation with you before referring you to a surgeon. Getting LASIK can greatly change your quality of life, and we're here to answer any questions you have before you commit to the procedure. 

  • Optical boutique - We know you'll love our extensive selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses. Whether you need to update your prescription or just want a stylish pair of sunglasses, we have a wide array of classic and stylish options to choose from. Our friendly staff can help you find the perfect pair. 

Call Our Clear Lake Optometrists in Houston, TX for an Appointment Today!

If there is any way that we can help you, please give our Houston optometrist a call. For a limited time only, we have a special on eyelid and eyelash cleaning for our new patients. Reserve your appointment with our optometrists by completing the appointment request form on our website or calling us at 281-480-1002. 


Customer friendly staff and excellent medical team. Dr. Manuel always listens and cares about the well being of his patients---he is awesome!

Ginger Fogg
Houston, TX

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