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Welcome to Space Center Eye Associates
Your Optometrist in the Houston, TX
Clear Lake Area.

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We are Your Houston TX Eye Care Resource

Welcome to the official website for Space Center Eye Associates in Houston, TX. We're proud to offer a high standard of eye care and eye treatment for patients in the Houston/Clear Lake area. We hope you'll take this opportunity to explore our site and learn more about our many services, from routine vision testing to state-of-the art eye disease diagnosis and treatment. You can rest assured that your family vision and eye care needs are in the right hands here at our friendly, caring clinic.

One of the most important steps in choosing an eye care center is finding the right optometrist -- one who possesses a strong combination of skill, experience, and a genuine concern for your well-being. We're confident that you'll feel that way about either optometrist on our team. Both Dr. Keith Manuel and Dr. Beth Robinson have a profound knowledge and understanding of eye anatomy/function as well as eye disease management. They take great care to make you feel at home and help you understand your current state of your vision and eye health. 

One of the things that sets Space Center Eye Associates apart from other optometry clinics is our focus on the medical aspects of eye care. We employ sophisticated technologies to diagnose and treat a variety of eye diseases, including:

  • Glaucoma - We routinely use a technique known as tonometry to check eye pressure related to this sight-robbing disease, which can be caused by unnaturally high fluid pressure in the eye. We also have access in our office to Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Humphrey Visual Field testing to better diagnose and treat this disease.

  • Macular degeneration - By dilating your pupils and examining the back of the eyes with a bright light, we can detect retinal problems such as macular degeneration, a disorder of the macula that destroys the central visual field. Fundus photography and OCT are available in the office to aid in the diagnosis and management of this disease.

  • Cataracts - Slit lamp testing, in which we shine a bright light into the eye, can reveal signs of cataracts, thickened proteins in the lens that impair vision.

  • Dry eyes - Chronically dry eyes, a condition that can damage the cornea if untreated, can be diagnosed by running tests to check the quantity and makeup of your tear film.

Once we detect an eye disease, we can prescribe and implement the correct eye treatment to relieve or control it. Many eye diseases can be highly manageable when treated early and with the proper methods -- another great reason to go with the medical expertise available at Space Center Eye Associates.

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Our Houston, TX team also performs highly accurate vision testing to determine whether you need corrective lenses or LASIK to achieve 20/20 vision. (We can handle the pre-operative and post-operative aspects of LASIK surgery.) You might even want to try Ortho-K, a special contact lens that temporarily reshapes your corneas while you sleep so you can see normally during the day. But the next step in discovering our many benefits first-hand is up to you -- so contact our office today to schedule your first appointment!

Dr. Keith Manuel and Dr. Beth Robinson
Houston Clear Lake Area Optometrists | Space Center Eye Associates | 281-480-1002

2323 Clear Lake City Blvd #150
Houston, TX 77062


Customer friendly staff and excellent medical team. Dr. Manuel always listens and cares about the well being of his patients---he is awesome!

Ginger Fogg
Houston, TX

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