What Does “Legally Blind” Mean?

Vision loss includes many different levels, from simple nearsightedness to completely blind. At the extreme end of the continuum is the level called “legally blind.” People with this level of vision have some vision, but it isn’t clear enough to function in most parts of life without assistance. If the best vision in your better eye with glasses or contacts is 20/200 or worse, or if you have a visual field that’s smaller than 20 degrees, you can be said to be legally blind. At Space Center Eye Associates, when we diagnose a patient as being legally blind, it can be a help in making them eligible for social and medical benefits.

Vision Therapy

Most of our patients who are legally blind can be classified as having low vision: those with vision loss that can’t be corrected with either medication or surgery. For these patients, we offer multiple types of vision therapy: ways to change the environment to make it easier to function on a daily basis. The aim of these changes will depend on each patient’s particular needs. Usually, patients need things around them to be more of something. For instance:

  • More lights, to make things brighter
  • More size, to make them bigger and easier to see
  • More clear, to move around without tripping over objects
  • More organized, by labeling objects and giving them designated storage spaces
  • More options, by using objects like talking alarm clocks and audiobooks

Low vision is one of the most common sight problems in seniors, and it can be frightening without help. At Space Center Eye Associates, we offer eye care services for patients of all vision strengths, and our vision therapy program is second to none. Our experienced team welcomes any questions you may have about low vision or vision therapy.

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