UV Protection with Contact Lenses near Clear Lake

As part of our commitment to complete eye health at our vision care center in Houston TX, our optometrists recommend contact lenses with UV protection for patients who wear contacts. UV protection contact lenses, prescribed after comprehensive eye examinations, provide excellent eye protection, but they are not enough in all situations.

Wear Sunglasses over UV Protection Contact Lenses to Preserve Your Eye Health

For complete all-angle UV eye protection, wear UV-blocking contact lenses with sunglasses (wraparounds if possible) and/or a hat. Ask your optometrist about eye protection options for your particular sports of outdoor activities. In summer and all year round, we’re reminding our patients to take UV eye protection seriously, because UV exposure can lead to eye damage, including cataracts.

Sun damage occurs when solar UV radiation enters your eye’s pupils and is absorbed by the cornea (the clear lens of the eye). This UV radiation can cause eye damage, including cataracts, which progressively cloud your vision later in life. Eye surgery may be required to restore clear vision and remove cataract-damaged areas of the cornea.

Make a Habit of UV Eye Protection

Please remember to keep your eyes, as well as your skin, protected from the Houston-area sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays. Start these good habits early, because UV-related eye damage adds up over time, so childhood exposure, combined with lax eye protection later in life, puts you at risk for cataract formation and related vision problems. Annual eye examinations help ensure that cataracts, UV damage or any other eye problems are diagnosed early, so be sure to schedule annual visits with our optometrists in Houston TX.

FDA Specifics: Ratings for UV Blocking Contact Lenses

FDA recommendations for UV-blocking contact lenses suggest Class 1 blockers be used for areas where reflected UV light is common, like in sunny ski conditions or near the water (beach, lake, etc.) Reflected UV light is more intense and hits the eye from many different angles, and Class 1 blockers can eliminate 99 percent of UVA and B radiation. Class 2 UV blockers are good for general UV exposure in normal sunny conditions (and even on cloudy days, when some UV radiation is present). Class 2 lenses block 95 percent of UVB and 70 percent of UVA.

Get Expert Advice about Contact Lenses for UV Eye Protection in Houston, TX.

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