Understanding the Risks and Benefits of Blue Light

At the start of each day, sunlight streams through the atmosphere, sending wavelengths of blue light down to the Earth. Throughout the daytime hours, the blue light spectrum wakens and invigorates the world in a positive way. Unfortunately, modern devices, such as computers, phones, and TVs, also emit light from the blue spectrum. The increased exposure can have a negative effect in high amounts, and at the wrong time of the day. To reap the benefits of blue light, you must closely control the timing and amount of exposure each day. Understanding how this light spectrum benefits your body and mind will help in finding a perfect balance for your system.

Blue Light Benefits

In metered amounts, blue light exposure helps regulate your mood and energy levels. Upon soaking in some blue light, you may feel more alert, chipper and ready to face the day. If you control the amount and timing of blue light spectrum exposure, you can help regulate your sleep and wake cycles from day to day. Since blue light is naturally found during the daytime hours, the benefits tend to decrease as you reach the nighttime hours.

Risks of Blue Light

Too much blue light exposure can cause eyestrain and discomfort, which often leads to vision abnormalities and headaches. Exposure to the blue light spectrum during the evening hours can completely throw off your circadian rhythm. Without the regulation of this natural rhythm, you may find it difficult to fall asleep, and stay asleep through the night. As a result, mental and physical fatigue may start to affect your well-being, health, and career performance.

Finding Balance

Since blue light is emitted from so many different devices, it is wise to minimize your exposure whenever possible. You can actually change the light spectrum on your computer, tablet, and phone, with software programs, like f.lux, Redshift and Twilight. You can also decrease screen time by an hour or so a day, which in itself, will have positive effects on your health. If you do not want to alter your computer software nor decrease screen time, you can wear yellow tinted glasses to change the spectrum of the light reaching your eyes.

Seeking Care from our Houston Eye Doctor

To stay on top of your eye health, you will need to schedule regular eye exams with your optometrist. Your eye doctor will perform a thorough visual inspection of your eye structures and check your vision. If any problems are noted during the examination, your optometrist will help you find ways to protect your eyes and reverse the negative effects. If you are concerned about blue light exposure, talk to your eye doctor in Houston, in detail about your computer and television use habits to find a solution.

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