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Services from Our Clear Lake Optometrists in Houston, TXOptometrist Services At Space Center Eye Associates Houston TX: eye glasses, contacts, eye disease  treatment, Pre- & Post-Operative LASIK Treatment

Healthy eyes and clear vision are a critical part of functioning in daily life. Without the ability to see well and use your eyes properly, it can be very difficult or impossible to drive safely, learn in school, perform in a normal work setting and pay bills. At Space Center Eye Associates, we help our patients maintain healthy eyes and clear vision by providing a range of services in Houston TX.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

We offer comprehensive eye exams for patients of all ages. Our eye exams check patients for three things:

  • Eye function. We check our patients eyes to ensure that they have the ability to track moving objects, see color, perceive depth and perform other important basic visual tasks.
  • Eye disease. We check our patients for symptoms of eye disease like glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts and more.
  • Vision screening. We test our patient's vision for refractive error. For patients suffering from blurry vision, we prescribe corrective lenses.

Eye Glasses

At Space Center Eye Associates we stock a range of fashionable, attractive eye glasses for our patients. Your eyeglasses are like a part of your face. Getting the right eye glasses for your tastes can help you see clearly, improve your wardrobe and boost your confidence in your own personal appearance. Not only will our experts help you choose glasses that you'll love, we'll also help fit the glasses to your face, so your eyeglass selection will look the best it can.


For patients who don't like eye glasses or who want to have other options, we also provide contact lenses. Before we can prescribe contact lenses, we must first administer a contact lens exam. During the exam, we determine whether or not your eyes are a good fit for standard contacts. Some of our patients require hard to fit contacts because of an existing eye condition. We can help these patients find the right lenses for their needs.

Eye Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

Many eye diseases are managed through a variety of eye drops and lifestyle changes. We help our patients maintain their vision and keep their eyes healthy. For those conditions that we can't treat, we make referrals and help our patients find the right eye doctor for their needs. Our eye disease treatment is available to patients suffering from a variety of conditions and to patients of all ages.

Pre- and Post-Operative LASIK Treatment

We provide pre- and post-operative LASIK treatment to patients who undergo LASIK eye surgery. We can answer questions, help ensure comfort and monitor your progress after the surgery takes places.

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We provide a range of services in Clear Lake Texas! It's our goal to help all our patients get the right eye care and corrective lenses for their needs. Our caring, experienced eye doctors will help you maintain good eye health. To find out more about our services, or to get an annual comprehensive eye exam, contact us today at 281-480-1002

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