Our Clear Lake Optometrist Shares Why Dry Eye Diagnosis is Crucial

Dry eye is a common condition with many types of treatment available from our optometrist in Clear Lake. The key to success, however, is proper dry eye diagnosis to select treatment options that will work for you. For healthy eyes and clear vision, you need an adequate amount of tears with the right consistency that drain at the correct pace. Diagnosis from our optometrist in Houston typically includes testing and evaluating the composition and quantity of your tears.

How Your Tears Should Function

When you blink your eyes, moisture, in the form of tears, spreads over the eye’s clear surface (cornea). Tears then flow into your tear ducts and drain away through the inner corner of your eyelid. If this doesn’t occur efficiently, you may need dry eye care in Houston from our optometrist in Clear Lake.

Tears are necessary to:

  • Lubricate the area between the eye surface and lids.
  • Maintain eye health and decrease the possibility of an infection.
  • Flush out any irritant (dirt, an eyelash, etc.) in the eye.
  • Keep the eye’s lens (the transparent cornea) smooth and clear.

Dry Eye Causes

Our Houston optometrist finds that dry eyes are often caused by a combination of:

  • Aging – Most individuals over 65 have dry eyes.
  • Gender – Women’s hormonal changes throughout life, due birth control medications, pregnancy, and menopause make women more vulnerable.
  • Side effects – Medicines, like antihistamines or blood pressure medications can decrease tear production.
  • Diseases – Conditions like thyroid disease, diabetes and more.
  • Eyelid issues: Blepharitis (eyelid inflammation) or eyelids that turn in/out can result in dry eyes.
  • Environment and contaminants – Being exposed to the wind, dry weather or smoke makes tears evaporate quickly.
  • Forgetting to blink – This can happen when you look at smartphones or computers constantly.
  • And more – Contact lenses worn for long periods can contribute to dry eyes. LASIK or other eye surgeries can slow down tear production.

Diagnosing Dry Eyes at Our Houston Optometrist

We conduct a thorough eye examination, which includes:

  • External eye exam, including eyelid structure and blinking habits.
  • Internal eye exam using a bright light and magnifying instruments to evaluate eyelids and cornea.
  • Tear quantity and quality analysis. Our Clear Lake optometrist can view tear flow and eye surface abnormalities/changes using special dye.

Get Expert Dry Eye Treatment from Our Optometrist in Houston TX

Our Clear Lake optometrist can help relieve your dry eyes. For dry eye care in Houston, contact Space Center Eye Associates at 281-480-1002.

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