Help for Difficult Eye Conditions

A customized scleral cover shell from EyePrint can often create a functional refractive surface for your eye, both smooth and properly structured for clear vision. EyePrint Prosthetics lenses can help patients with:

  • Very advanced irregular corneas
  • Keratoconus
  • Corneal transplants
  • Refractive surgical cases – RK
  • Corneal scarring (due to trauma or infection)
  • Dry eyes

Specialized Contact Lenses in Clear Lake, Houston

The process of fitting EyePrint Pro Prosthetics contact lenses is cutting edge and delicate, requiring a high level of skill and training to perform correctly. The optometrists at Space Center Eye Associates are experienced with EyePrint Prosthetics contact lenses and have helped numerous patients with difficult eye conditions to get specialized contact lenses in Clear Lake, Houston. These contact lenses are not available at all eye doctors – but they are available here at Space Center Eye Associates.

Types of Blanchard Contact Lenses

Blanchard contact lenses, such as scleral contact lenses, are ideal for those who have specific eye conditions, including keratoconus, dry eye, trauma, post LASIK ectasia and more. Some of the most popular Blanchard contact lenses carried by Space Center Eye Associates include:

  • Onefit – The Onefit Scleral Lens Platform offers the ideal combination of minimal lens mass with optimal oxygenation for the health of your corneas. Onefit lenses are extremely comfortable, and ideal for wearers who are dissatisfied with soft toric lenses or active individuals.
  • ESSential – The ESSential lens line is the most popular aspheric multifocal lens in the country and for good reason. The two distinct series of designs means you can get a lens that works for emerging, mid-life and mature presbyope. You can get the multifocal lenses you need and enjoy the comfort you deserve.
  • RSS – Otherwise known as Refractive Surgery Specific, the RSS lens line is designed to fit the cornea of those that have gone through surgery. Because post-surgical corneas are often too flat for traditional contact lenses, RSS lenses are necessary to achieve the desired vision correction with contact lenses.
  • Reclaim GP – The Reclaim GP lens line was created to help older patients reclaim the vision of their youth. These bi-aspheric multifocal lenses can be custom fitted to provide you with the vision correction you need to see both near and far.

How Do I Know if I Need EyePrint Prosthetics Contact Lenses?

EyePrint Prosthetics are not necessary for most vision correction needs. Because these lenses are customized based on the surface of the patient’s eye, they are considered highly specialized and only necessary for hard to treat cases.

The best way to determine if you are a good fit for EyePrint Prosthetics contact lenses is to make an appointment with our optometrists to get a full eye exam and contact lens exam. After a thorough exam, where the doctor will carefully examine your current condition and consider your options, you can get informed feedback about the suitability of EyePrint Prosthetics contact lenses for your eyes. If you are a good candidate, the doctor can conduct an EyePrint Prosthetics contact lens exam to determine the measurements for your fitting.

Don’t Give Up – You May Still Be Able To Get Your Vision Corrected

Many patients who are ideal candidates for EyePrint Prosthetics contact lenses come to our eye care center after exhausting all other vision correction options. They may have spent years having been told there is nothing that can be done. But contact lens technology continues to advance, and EyePrint Prosthetics contact lenses are proof of that. There very well may be a solution for your vision correction needs.

Please contact us at 281-480-1002 today to schedule an appointment with an optometrist. Let us give you a thorough examination and see if EyePrint Prosthetics contact lenses are right for you!