Successful cataract surgery begins well before the day of your procedure, and lasts for weeks afterward during the healing process. At Space Center Eye Associates we’re dedicated to caring for your eyes throughout the cataract surgery process. Monitoring the progress of your cataracts and deciding when it’s time for surgery is a process that involves both you and our Houston optometrist. You’ll decide, as a team, when it’s time to schedule the procedure and what you want your results to be. After the procedure we’ll guide you through the entire healing process, prescribe follow-up medication, and watch for post-operative problems we’ll need to care for.

Optometrist in Houston Talks About Cataract Surgery Preparation

Once your cataracts advance to the point where you have difficulty reading, driving, and going about your daily business, it’s time to schedule cataract surgery. Our optometrist at Space Center Eye Associates will take care of all the pre-operative preparations you’ll need done before you proceed. We’ll measure your eyeballs, both the shape and the curvature, to find the exact size and shape of lens to implant into your eye. We’ll also discuss the many different types of lens options you have for implant. These lenses, known as intraocular lenses, include options such as:

  • Ultraviolet light blocking
  • Prescription strengths to correct poor vision
  • Bifocal styles for both close-up and distance viewing

Some patients opt to have a lens for distance vision in one eye and one for close-up viewing in the other. With this solution, the mind quickly adapts to the switch and the patient sees everything as if his eyesight were normal.

Post-Operative Care With Our Houston Optometrists

Once your cataract surgery is finished, you’ll go home with instructions from the ophthalmologist who did the procedure. We’ll have you come into our office the very next day so we can begin follow-up care for your eyes. Over the next few weeks, we’ll prescribe the correct antibiotic eye drops to make sure your eyes are healing without infection, examine your eyes frequently to check on the healing process, and advise you on your next pair of eyeglasses. We’ll be here for you until your eyes are completely healed and feeling normal again.

If you’re ready for the next move and want to speak with an optometrist in Houston, call Space Center Eye Associates at 281-480-1002 today. We’ll make you an appointment to begin the cataract procedure process.