Space Center Eye Associates can serve as your family’s resource for Clear Lake and Houston eye disease diagnosis. Your optometrist in Clear Lake, Dr. Manuel or Dr. Robinson, can administer comprehensive eye exams to detect such significant eye issues as:

  • Macular Degeneration – Macular degeneration is a condition that tends to strike people in their 50s and older. A portion of the retina called the macula slowly sustains increasing amounts of permanent damage, eventually causing sufferers to lose their central vision. Retinal examination can reveal the appearance of deposits called drusen that indicate the early “dry” stage of the disease, while also revealing leaky, abnormal blood vessels that may form during the advanced or “wet” stage. Our optometrist in Houston TX may also have you look at an Amsler grid to determine whether you see straight lines as wavy in appearance, a sign of the disorder.
  • Diabetic Eye Disease – For some people, diabetic eye disease is their first warning that they even have diabetes. High blood sugar can damage the small blood vessels of the retina and macula, causing permanent vision impairment and prompting the growth of new, weak blood vessels that bleed into the eye. Retinal examination can reveal telltale signs of diabetic eye disease, while techniques such as flourescein angiography and optical coherence tomography can confirm it.
  • Cataracts – Most cataracts are associated with aging, although diabetes, medications, lifestyle factors and UV exposure can also spur their development. They are caused by proteins accumulating in the lens, creating an opaque “cloudy” barrier to normal vision. Your optometrist in Clear Lake can examine the lens of the eye with an illuminated device called a slit lamp to spot even the earliest traces of cataracts.
  • Glaucoma – Glaucoma destroys the optic nerves, causing progressive, irreversible vision loss. Your Clear Lake optometrist can study your optic nerves during a retinal exam to look for signs of damage. We can also use tonometry to find out whether your have high fluid pressure in the eye, a common factor in glaucoma. Tests of your peripheral vision can reveal whether glaucoma has already caused some vision loss.
  • Pink-eye – Conjunctivitis (pink-eye) is an inflammation/infection of the conjunctiva, a membrane that covers the inner eyelid and the white of the eye. It causes redness, itching, light sensitivity, swelling of the eyelid and discharge from the eye. Your optometrist in Houston TX can determine the underlying cause of your pink-eye by discussing your symptom onset, evaluation factors such as contact lens usage and examining the discharge (which is thicker in a bacterial infection than in a viral infection).

We Provide Eye Disease Diagnosis in Clear Lake, League City, Pearland, Pasadena, Friendswood and Houston

Eye disease diagnosis in Clear Lake, League City, Pearland, Pasadena, Friendswood or Houston starts with a comprehensive eye exam. Our Clear Lake optometrist urges you to schedule these exams regularly so we can treat any serious problems immediately. Don’t wait — call 281-480-1002 today!