Do you wear contact lenses in Houston? Here at Space Center Eye Associates, your comfort and vision are our top priorities. We recommend regular contact lens fittings with one of our Houston optometrists. Learn why it’s important to schedule professional fittings, and how we can help protect your eyes and vision.

Why You Need Custom Fittings for Contact Lenses

If you depend on contact lenses to correct your vision, you also depend on a perfect fit to avoid complications and ensure the right results. Most contact lenses rest directly on the surface of the eye, and they can only function properly when they stay firmly in place. That’s why it’s so important to prevent irritation and maintain the right fit – and regular fittings are the best way to do that.

During each of our contact lens exams, our optometrist in Houston inspects and measure the surface of each eye to rule out any fit abnormalities or symptoms of irritation. Dry eyes, itching, redness, blurry vision, and contacts that slide around the eyes are red flags that you need a different corrective option. We offer a variety of specialty contact lenses and stylish eyeglasses for active lifestyles, so if you have an abnormal eye shape or a chronic condition that makes it difficult to wear contacts, you don’t have to settle for poor vision.

The Eye Exam Basics

The basics of your exam will be the same as any annual visit to the eye doctor. Our clinic staff will do both diagnostic and vision acuity tests. The diagnostic testing will include:

A glaucoma test – During a glaucoma test, the doctor uses a machine to deliver a puff of air in order to measure the intraocular pressure of your eye. High eye pressure can be a sign of glaucoma and possibly diabetes.

Slit-Lamp test – The slit-lamp test gives the optometrist a view of the internal structures of the eye such as the retina, optic nerve and macula. During this test, the doctor will examine your eyelids and cornea using a high powered machine, as well.

Once the diagnostic testing is complete, you will move on to vision acuity tests to determine the limits of your near and far vision. You provide valuable information used to gauge your need for corrective lenses by reading an eye chart for the doctor. Vision acuity and refraction tests allow the eye care professional to design a prescription for lenses that improve your vision.

Contact Lens Fitting

If you decide contacts fit your lifestyle and you are a candidate for them, the next step is to get a fitting. With contact lenses, one size does not fit all. The curvature of your eye is distinctive. Properly fitting contacts must match it perfectly.

A keratometer allows the eye doctor to determine the curvature of your corneas by analyzing the light reflections. Using this data, a computer creates a corneal topography that delivers the precise surface characteristics of your eyes, so that contacts can match them.

The next step is pupil and iris measurements. This is critical if you opt for colored contacts. This test also helps the doctor figure out what type contact is best for your eyes.

The tear film evaluation measures how well your eyes produce tears to see if you have dry eyes. If so, contacts may not be the most comfortable choice for you or you may benefit from a specific type of lens.

Trial Lenses

The doctor may a trial pair of contact lenses to test the alignment and movement of the lenses as you wear them. They also provide the education you need to safely put the lenses in and care for them.

Schedule a Contact Lens Exam with Our Clear Lake Optometrists in Houston, TX

Our Houston optometrists have extensive experience with contacts and the many conditions that affect their fit and function. If you’re experiencing irritation with your current contact lenses or you just need to update your prescription, call Space Center Eye Associates to schedule your first eye exam. Your Houston optometrist will be Dr. Beth Robinson or Dr. Keith Manuel.

We’re currently welcoming new patients to our clinic, and we treat Texans of all ages. If your kids want to replace their eyeglasses with contact lenses, schedule an appointment for a comprehensive vision test and fitting. If you have dry eyes or hard to fit contacts, give us a call to get your eye care regimen back on the right track. Call 281-480-1002 to schedule your contact lens exam in Houston today.