As your optometrist in Houston we provide computer vision syndrome treatment at Space Center Eye Associates. Computer vision syndrome is an eye condition resulting from extended use of computers including laptops and mobile devices. If you think you are suffering from CVS, also referred to as digital eye strain, see your Houston optometrist for treatment. We can help you see more clearly and without pain when using your digital devices.

Computer Vision Syndrome and Digital Eye Strain

Due to the prevalence of computer technology more than 75 percent of people, in particular those over 40, have computer vision syndrome according to the University of Iowa. However, you can also develop this eye condition if you use mobile devices, such as tablets or smartphones, for long periods without interruption. As we age our eyes naturally have less lubrication. As a result older individuals will be more susceptible to computer vision syndrome.

Computer Vision Syndrome Causes

The most common cause of computer vision syndrome is the extended viewing of a computer screen. The condition is the result of staring without blinking at the screen for long periods of time. Computer users reportedly blink 66 percent less often when using a device with a screen. To remedy this Dr. Keith Manuel and Dr. Beth Robinson recommend taking blinking breaks every 15 minutes when working on a screen device. You can also benefit from eye treatments available at Space Center Eye Associates in Houston.

Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome

Individuals who suffer from computer vision syndrome experience eye fatigue, as well as burning or dry eyes. You may also have blurred vision, sensitivity to light, and headaches after viewing a screen, typically for periods of more than three hours without a break. You can also experience neck pain, back pain, and shoulder pain due to the increased strain on your eyes. These conditions will be present after you have spent extensive time staring at some sort of digital screen.

Computer Vision Syndrome Treatments in Houston

For computer vision syndrome treatments in Houston your optometrists here at the Space Center Eye Associates offer a variety of solutions. Depending on the severity of your eye condition we can provide you with lifestyle advice, eye drops, and specialized techniques that will help you with CVS. In order to determine whether you have computer vision syndrome we will start with a medical eye exam focusing on this eye condition. From there we can best determine the route of treatment for your vision needs.

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As your optometrist in Houston TX we want you to get the most out of your optical health. Therefore we offer comprehensive services for individuals who are having eye issues due to digital device screens. We serve clients in Houston, Clear Lake, League City, Friendswood, Pearland, and Pasadena. Call the Space Center Eye Associates at 281-480-1002 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Manuel or Dr. Robinson for Houston computer vision syndrome treatments.