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LASIK Eye Surgery Referrals in Clear Lake, Houston 

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At Space Center Eye Associates, we're proud to partner with local eye surgeons to make sure all your vision and eye care needs are covered. Our Clear Lake optometrists harness the latest eye care innovations to correct and protect your vision, but what if you could ditch your eyewear altogether?   Some of our patients are eligible for LASIK eye surgery, a laser procedure that eliminates refractive errors and permanently corrects vision. If you're interested in LASIK, take the first step and schedule a LASIK evaluation. We offer both pre-op and post-op eye care for LASIK patients, and we also make the crucial evaluations and referrals that make it possible to start your LASIK journey.

Pre-LASIK Eye Evaluations

Before we refer patients to a LASIK surgery center in Houston, we must make sure that LASIK is actually an option for them. Some vision problems are easy to treat with LASIK, but others cannot be corrected with this procedure. During your LASIK eye evaluation, your Houston optometrist will assess your eye shape and eye health, measure your refractive errors in each eye, and review your complete patient history for any relevant risk factors. Our goal is to rule out anything that would make LASIK unsafe or ineffective.

LASIK Eye Surgery Referrals in Houston

After your evaluation, you'll find out whether you're a good candidate for LASIK. If LASIK is right for you, you may receive a referral the very same day. Our Clear Lake optometry team will stay in touch with you and your surgeon after you report to the eye surgery center, because we want to take care of your follow-up care too. Our goal is to minimize risks and maximize the results of your LASIK in Houston.

Post-LASIK Eye Care in Clear Lake, Houston

After your LASIK surgery, you'll attend a series of follow-up appointments at Space Center Eye Associates. We monitor your short-term progress for any complications or changes, and we also schedule regular eye exams as you recover, to make sure your long-term results are ideal. Our Clear Lake optometrists are committed to comprehensive post-op eye care, and they recommend a full year of follow-up eye exams to keep track of your post-LASIK vision results.

Schedule an Appointment with a Houston Optometrist in Clear Lake TX

Are you interested in LASIK vision correction surgery? Take the first step toward clear vision with a comprehensive pre-LASIK evaluation. Your first appointment will be a complete exam from one of our two talented Houston optometrists, Dr. Manuel and Dr. Robinson. If your eye doctor decides you're a good candidate for this life-changing surgery, you will receive a LASIK referral to a local eye surgery center, where you'll start the next series of tests. Contact Space Center Eye Associates today to schedule a LASIK evaluation with a Clear Lake optometrist in Houston, TX. Just call 281-480-1002 and let us know you're interested in LASIK.

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