Importance of Regular Contact Lens Exams from Our Houston Optometrist

Patients sometimes become so accustomed to wearing contact lenses every day and the routine of taking them out to clean them (or dispose of them) that they forget about the importance of coming in to see their optometrist on a regular basis. Your Houston optometrist wants to take this opportunity to remind you that periodic appointments are required to protect your vision and maintain eye health. Just as your family doctor and dentist remind you to come in for regular checkups, so does your eye doctor.

What to Expect During Contact Lens Exams

The team at Space Center Eye Associates advises patients to come in for contact lens exams at least once a year (your optometrist will let you know if you should come in more often).

Our optometrist in Houston will examine your eyes comprehensively before giving you a new prescription for contact lenses. For example, during the exam, the optometrist will look for evidence of dry eye syndrome and if discovered, will give you a customized treatment plan to help your eyeballs stay moist.

We use state-of-the-art equipment during our contact lens exams that lets us take precise measurements of the curvature of your corneas. It’s essential to take these readings in order to get the most accurate fit for contacts on the surface of your eyes. The optometrist will assess your eyes, looking for signs of infection or damage on the corneas.

Remember to tell the optometrist if you’ve been experiencing any blurriness, itching or other eye discomfort. During every exam, you can expect that the eye doctor will check the quality of your eyesight, to determine if your prescription needs to be adjusted.

Contact Your Houston Optometrist for a Contact Lens Exam Today

The caring staff at Space Center Eye Associates is standing by to assist you with all your contact lenses needs. Areas we serve include Clear Lake, Space Center Houston, Pearland and Friendswood. For more information on the importance of regular contact lens exams or to set an appointment with your preferred optometrist in Houston, please contact us today.

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