Glaucoma Treatment in Houston

At Space Center Eye Associates, our Houston optometrist focuses on the medical aspects of eye care and vision health. If you’ve been diagnosed with the eye disease glaucoma, our sophisticated eye care can help you manage your eye disease and retain your sight.

What are the Symptoms of Glaucoma?

If you suffer from eye pain or nausea, you may have narrow-angle glaucoma. The more common type, wide-angle glaucoma, often sets on without any symptoms at all. This makes regular eye exams so critical, especially if you have a family history of glaucoma. Some individuals with wide-angle glaucoma experience blurry or distorted vision, and vision loss.

Glaucoma Treatment in Houston

Glaucoma can destroy your optic nerve and rob you of your sight if it is not treated. To combat glaucoma and preserve as much of your sight as possible, it’s important to get the disease diagnosed early on. Since high fluid pressure inside the eye is usually associated with glaucoma, this is a reliable way to identify the disease.

We have two main options for glaucoma treatment: Increasing the drainage efficiency of your eyes to reduce pressure in the eye, and reducing the fluid levels produced by the eye. We may use medication, eye drops, or insert shunts in the eye.

In some cases, we may refer you to a laser surgeon or traditional eye surgeon for glaucoma treatment procedures. By inserting drainage tubes in the eye or damaging the eye’s ciliary body, which produces eye fluid, eye surgeons can halt the spread of glaucoma. We work with top Houston eye surgeons and provide all of your pre- and post-operative care.

Visit Houston Optometrist For Regular Eye Exams at Space Center Eye Associates

We invite you to come talk with our Houston optometrists about managing your glaucoma. Researchers are discovering new ways to treat glaucoma all the time, and we stay up to date with the latest developments to protect your vision from eye diseases like glaucoma. To reserve an appointment with our Houston optometrist, please call us today or complete the online appointment request form. New patients receive a special deal on eyelid and eyelash cleaning.

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