At Space Center Eye Associates, our optometrist team believes that anyone who wears glasses should feel proud to be able to do so. Glasses can be a great extension of your personal style–in addition to serving as an important tool that allows you to see and function better in your day-to-day life. If you’re looking for designer frames in the Clear Lake and Houston Bay area, then you’re in luck: our knowledgeable and friendly team has plenty of advice to help your glasses frames selection be a fun and personally satisfying process.

How Do I Choose The Right Glasses Frames For Me?

The biggest factors you need to consider when selecting a pair of glasses frames includes your budget, personal style, lifestyle, and vision correction needs. With so many factors and so many choices, however, it can be hard to choose the perfect fit for you. Here are some helpful suggestions from our optician:

  • People with square faces look best in glasses frames that appear to lengthen the face and soften the face’s angles. Try oval frames, which are slightly curved and far more horizontally-oriented.
  • Oval faces are proportionate and do well with frames (such as diamond and rectangular) that complement this balance, and frames that tend to be as wide as the face and follow the brow line.
  • Oblong faces are much longer than they are wide and look great with glasses that make them appear shorter, such as round, deep frames with strong vertical lines and a low bridge.
  • Round faces are circular and look great with frames that are more angular, narrow, and wide.
  • Heart-shaped faces fit well with glasses that are wider at the bottom to off-set the narrow chin. This face shape also looks good with rimless or aviator style glasses frames.
  • Triangle-shaped faces with the base at the bottom (imagine a pyramid) instead tend to look best with glasses that are wider at the top to help off-set a broad chin. Cat eye frames or heavy color and detail at the top of the glasses frames strikes this balance perfectly.
  • Diamond-shaped faces do best with oval shaped frames to help soften the dramatic angles and highlight the person’s cheekbones and eyes.

Why Select Glasses Frames At Our Houston Bay Area Optical Center

Our patients come to our Houston Bay area optical center for more than just our wide selection of glasses frames and lenses. It is the quality of service provided here that people love–and which we are proud to provide. Led by optometrist Dr. Manuel–who, among other things, is a certified glaucoma specialist and former eye care consultant to NASA–our team has been providing community members with affordable, innovative, advanced, and effective eye care services for over 30 years. This includes comprehensive eye exams, LASIK eye surgery, and more.

Looking For Your Next Perfect Pair Of Designer Frames? Visit Our Optometrists In Clear Lake And Houston

Are you in the market for some gorgeous, stylish, and perfect-fit designer frames? At Space Center Eye Associates, our Clear Lake and Houston Bay area optometrist team are ready to help you find the perfect pair. In addition to prescribing and fitting glasses frames and lenses, we also offer a variety of other eye care services that will help you and your loved ones see clearly throughout every stage of life. To schedule an appointment or to learn more about or optical center of Clear Lake and Houston, call our friendly staff today at 281-480-1002.

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