EyePrint Pro Prosthetics FAQs from Your Clear Lake Optometrist

At Space Center Eye Associates, we are excited to bring the latest innovation in contact lenses to the Houston area. We have the advanced technology required to fit the new EyePrint Pro Prosthetics, designed for “hard-to-fit” contact lens patients, here at our optometry office on Clear Lake City Blvd. Get the most requested EyePrint Prosthetics information, right here in our FAQ.

What are EyePrint scleral contact lenses? Scleral contacts cover the entire eye surface, including the white areas. This configuration helps make contact lenses comfortable and wearable for people who could not tolerate standard soft (or hard) contact lenses and allows for optimal vision. EyePrint Pro is an advanced imaging and molding system that precisely maps your eye’s surface to create a custom contact lens that fits you perfectly, even in the most extreme cases of irregular ocular surface.

Who are EyePrint Contact Lenses Made For? EyePrint Pro allows your optometrist in Houston to fit you with effective, comfortable contact lenses if you’ve been considered “hard to fit” and/or have one of the following eye conditions:

  • Dry eyes
  • Keratoconus (a thin, bulging corneal shape)
  • Extremely irregular corneas (advanced astigmatism)
  • Corneal scarring (from past infection or eye injury)
  • Corneal transplant patients
  • Post-refractive surgery patients (individuals who have undergone RK, radial keratotomy, eye surgery)

How much does EyePrint Prosthetics Cost? Since EyePrint Pro creates a custom contact lens device and uses the latest technology, you might expect it would be completely unaffordable and expensive. However, considering the advantages these lenses offer–allowing those who could never before enjoy the convenience and comfort of contact lenses to now wear them–the advantages outweigh the cost for many patients.

Where can I find more EyePrint Prosthetics information in the Houston area?

Most optometrists do not offer these specialized, custom fits scleral contact lenses–but you’ll find them here at Space Center Eye Associates. To find out if you’re a candidate for EyePrint Prosthetics, schedule a contact lens exam. After your eye exam, we can advise you, discuss EyePrint prosthetics cost, and take the detailed measurements required for your lenses. Contact us at 281-480-1002 today.

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