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Medical Eye Exams at Your Optometrist in Houston TXMedical Eye Exams at Your Optometrist in Houston TX

As your optometrist in Houston TX the Space Center Eye Associates offers comprehensive medical eye exams. A medical eye exam is a focused type of exam that looks for specific eye conditions or eye diseases. Individuals who are more likely to suffer from age-related vision loss or eye disease due to their medical history should consider getting Houston medical eye exams. Find out what to expect when you visit your Houston optometrist for medical eye exams.

Medical Eye Exams and Wellness Vision Exams

Typically our patients come to us for wellness vision exams, which are used for eyeglass prescriptions or contact lens fittings. This differs from a medical eye exam that is used for diagnosing eye diseases, as well as for the treatment of eye disease. Most commonly patients at Space Center Eye Associates will come in for a routine wellness vision exam. At this point optometrists Dr. Keith Manuel and Dr. Beth Robinson may detect an indicator of eye disease. As a result a medical eye exam will be scheduled so to diagnose and treat the medical condition. You will need to schedule a separate medical eye exam following a routine wellness vision exam.

Houston Medical Eye Exams

As your provider of Houston medical eye exams we provide tests and treatments for eye diseases. We may use eye drops, oral medications, or other methods to treat your eyes. Keep in mind that early detection and treatment is always the best remedy. The longer you are suffering from an eye disease, the greater the risk that the disease can lead to irreversible vision loss depending on your eye condition. 

Eye Diseases Treated by Medical Eye Exams

One of the most common eye diseases we treat using medical eye exams is cataracts. Cataracts are films that develop over the surface of the eye causing cloudy lenses that lead to fading colors and light haloes. Fortunately we can easily treat cataracts following a medical eye exam using corrective lenses and lifestyle advice. However, if you delay in treatment you may need to have eye surgery to treat your cataracts. Other eye diseases your optometrist in Houston can successfully diagnose and treat via a medical eye exam include macular degeneration and glaucoma. 

Eye Disease Treatments at Space Center Eye Associates

Here at the Space Center Eye Associates we provide you with comprehensive optical care during and after your medical eye exam. After your eye disease exam we will help you manage your eye disease symptoms and provide vision correction. Additionally we are here to assist you with long term vision and eye care management as needed. 

Schedule Houston Medical Eye Exams Today

If you are ready to take the next step with Houston medical eye exams we want to help. The Space Center Eye Associates team serves the communities in Houston, Clear Lake, League City, Friendswood, Pearland, and Pasadena. To make an appointment for your medical eye exam call our office at 281-480-1002. Dr. Manuel or Dr. Robinson will be ready to diagnose and treat your eye disease using medical eye exams in Houston.

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