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It is hard to believe, but there are people who think the only reason to visit an optometrist is because they need eyeglasses. While Space Center Eye Associates does offer comprehensive vision testing, our eye exams entail so much more. Since most eye diseases can be controlled when discovered early, we use highly advanced equipment in our routine examinations to evaluate eye health so we can arrive at an early diagnosis if any eye disease is present.

Our Eye Doctor Team, Focused on the Medical Aspects of Eye Care

Whether you visit Dr. Keith Manuel or Dr. Beth Robinson you can be assured that you are being examined by a skilled, experienced eye doctor who will use his/her knowledge and understanding of the anatomy and function of the eye to assess its health and how it affects the current state of your vision. Should they find any evidence of eye disease, they will spend whatever time it takes to explain your condition and answer your questions. They will then prescribe and carry out treatment that will relieve or manage it.

State of the Art Diagnoses and Treatments in the Pearland and League City Area

We pride ourselves in employing some of the most sophisticated technology available in the greater Houston, League City, and Pearland area in order to diagnose and immediately treat eye disorders.

Our doctors will use the following procedures:

  • A technique called tonometry that allows us to check for glaucoma by measuring fluid pressure within your eye
  • Slit Lamp Testing in which we shine a light into your eyes to look for cataracts and other conditions that affect the conjunctiva and cornea
  • Dilation – a procedure in which we expand the pupils of the eye so we can shine a bright light within and examine your eyes for macular degeneration and retinal disease.

In addition, we evaluate various eye functions including color vision, muscle control, eye alignment and tracking, peripheral sight, and light sensitivity.

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