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Space Center Eye Associates: Your Optometrist for Eye and Vision Care

Both optometrist Dr. Keith Manuel and Dr. Beth Robinson have a deep understanding and knowledge of eye anatomy, function, eye disease management and the latest ophthalmic equipment. A complete family history, list of your medical conditions, medications and vision issues will be discussed with you when meeting with one of our optometrists. It is information that is given consideration when making recommendations or determining treatment. Expect a thorough and comprehensive eye and vision exam at Space Center Eye Associates.

A visual acuity test is performed via a wall chart and reading an eye chart to measure how each individual eye is seeing. The results are given in a fraction. For example, 20/20 is the standard for reading and distance vision. Depending on the results of the visual acuity test, eye exercises, contact lenses or corrective eyeglasses may be prescribed. The exam also includes the testing of eye functionality. It’s a thorough test that evaluates peripheral vision, depth perception, color vision, responsiveness to light, eye muscle capabilities, eye focus and eye movement. This test will enable our optometrists to identify and diagnose any underlying issues that are affecting the performance of your eyes.

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