Contact Lenses in the Houston Bay Area

At Space Center Eye Associates, we provide contact lens services for patients throughout the Houston Bay Area. We offer many different types of contact lenses, and specialize in fitting patients who have been told they are hard to fit for contacts. Learn about our contact lens options today.

Contact Lenses with Our Clear Lake Optometrist

It is critical to see our eye doctor if you are thinking of getting contacts. Lenses are prescribed and must fit your eye in order for safe and effective wear. We will measure your cornea and pupil so we can fit you with contacts that are correctly sized for your eyes. We will also test for eye dryness, which can negatively impact your comfort when wearing contact lenses. After our eye doctors have examined your eyes and your eye health, they will discuss what types of contacts are appropriate for you and your best vision, including near-sighted, far-sighted, astigmatism, and near vision correction.

If you have a certain eye condition, we may recommend gas permeable lenses or other specialty lens options. If you want easy maintenance and care of contacts, we may advise you to select disposable contacts that can be thrown away at the end of each day. For our hard to fit contact lens patients, we have several innovative custom lens options that will better fit the shape of your eye.

We allow ample time for questions during our contact lens exams and will do our best to answer yours.

Contact Space Center Eye Associates Today!

Our optometry clinic offers contact lens examinations from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., on Monday through Friday. We do not have weekend appointments. Our office is easy to find as it is located right on Clear Lake City Boulevard. Our optometrists can measure your eyes and fit you for contacts, then demonstrate proper care of contacts so you know how to take care of your lenses no matter which type you have. Follow up contact lens appointments make sure the lenses are comfortable and you are satisfied with your vision and the experience.

Would you like to get contacts? A contact lens exam is the first step. To schedule your exam, call our optometry clinic today at 929-888-9641.

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