Cataracts Symptoms and Causes

This is the reason we recommend all patients over 40 have their eyes examined every year at Space Center Eye Associates: the earlier our eye doctors can find signs of growing cataracts, the sooner we can begin to treat it.

Cataracts Symptoms and Causes

For most patients, there isn’t one singular cause for their cataracts. Excess UV exposure can be connected to it, as can obesity, diabetes, smoking, and high blood pressure. In almost all cases, there aren’t any cataract symptoms when they begin to grow. You were likely surprised with your cataract diagnosis and might even have a hard time believing that they exist. It can take months or years to develop any symptoms, if they appear at all, depending on how well you follow preventative advice. Once cataracts begin to develop, you’ll start noticing a dimming of colors as well as a cloudiness in your vision, as if you were looking through fog or a gauze curtain. Once these symptoms make your daily activities difficult, it’s time to discuss cataract surgery info with one of our optometrists.

Cataracts Treatment

Early treatment for cataracts mostly consists of behavioral changes to help prevent the disease from developing further. The best thing you can do is to avoid ultraviolet light as much as possible. Wear sunglasses that block 100 percent of UV rays every time you leave the house, even on cloudy days. Stay indoors during the middle of the day, when the sun is brightest.

Once your symptoms begin to affect your driving, work life, and leisure time, it’s time for us to discuss cataract surgery options. Our optometrists will coordinate with you to arrange the surgery, as well as giving you pre- and post-surgical care. For cataract care and more, call our office at 281-480-1002 today.

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