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Posted on 05-18-2017

Post-Operative Care from Your Optometrist in Clear Lake after Cataracts Surgery

After eye surgery, patients often choose to have follow-up cataracts care in Houston from us, for convenience and the very best care. Our Houston optometrist can manage your follow-up care after cataract surgery, sharing information with your eye surgeon through your complete recovery.

Man with cataracts.

After Cataract Surgery: Post-Op Visits at our Optometrist in Houston

Once you've had your cataract surgery, your vision is normally quite blurry, improving over the next couple of days post-op. Often, you’ll have higher-than-normal eye pressure and may have been prescribed eye drops from your eye surgeon, to lower eye pressure. Follow-up visits, from your Clear Lake optometrist, are often handled like this: 

  • The day after cataract surgery, you will typically have a follow-up visit with your Houston optometrist here at Space Center Eye Associates.
  • Your next cataract follow-up appointment may be at about 1 to 2 weeks after cataract surgery. When you visit the Clear Lake optometrist, your eye drop (antibiotic) frequency may be adjusted and we'll go over any new instructions with you. Our optometrist in Clear Lake often dilates your eyes at this visit, to conduct a complete post-operative exam of your cornea and retina.
  • Your next visit to our optometrist in Houston is typically about 4 weeks after cataract surgery. At this point, we can test your eyes and issue a new eyeglasses prescription. We will usually discontinue post-surgery eye drops at this time.
  • You should notice your vision improving and eye(s) feeling better every day. If symptoms, like blurry vision, redness or pain, get worse instead of improving, contact us immediately.

Get Expert Cataracts Care from Our Eye Doctors in Houston

At Space Center Eye Associates, we're happy to co-manage your cataract post-op care, in consultation with your cataract surgeon. (In fact, we may have been the ones who referred you to one of our skilled eye surgeons, when your regular eye exams told us it was time for cataract surgery.) If you have cataracts, or would like follow-up eye care after cataract surgery, contact us at 281-480-1002 today.

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